At the tip of each day there’s nothing higher we can do than to relinquish it all to God. To put down our worries and cares. To thank him for his blessings and his presence through each hour of the day. to acknowledge the ways in which he’s LED US, offered protection over our families, and provided for our wants. And tho’ typically we all know that to be true, it is often troublesome to essentially let everything go or we have a tendency to forget to even offer him thanks for the constant means he has added to our lives.

We carry the concerns and stress straight to bed with US. we have a tendency to hold on to the injuries and hurt feelings. we have a tendency to wrestle for sleep however can’t appear to sho off the spinning thoughts of disorder lists, schedules, and what we have a tendency to still got to get finished tomorrow.

It’s true, some days simply get laborious.

We feel exhausted. Worn. bored with fighting. scuffling with defeated thoughts. None people are a unit immune and infrequently there’s not even only one massive factor, however simply millions of very little battles which will drain US dry. Parenting, marriage, job, relationships, fears, worries regarding the longer term, experiencing loss, discouragement, illness, cash issues – it all will leave US crushed down and worn. and also the enemy appears to fight hardest once he is aware of we’re already weary.

God’s terribly presence and also the truth of his word area unit the sole things which will bring deep peace to our souls. The peace he provides is that the reasonably peace the globe cannot provide, the type of peace that does not add up even to our own minds.

“Your future is secure and created sure attributable to him.”

May he prompt you straight away that you simply area unit ne’er alone, that he is aware of your means, and he includes as et up. He’s right there with you, each currently and altogether your tomorrows too. He has already lined the past, there foreyou do not need to keep going back there. you do not live there any longer. And your future is secure and created sure attributable to him. you’ll be able to rest assured, knowing, believing he holds it tired his hands.

Come to him together with your troubles. could God elevate all burdens of hysteria from your shoulders. wherever you have been stuffed with doubt, could he replace it with religion. wherever you have been stuffed with sport thoughts, could he replace it with calm.
“He’s the storm-calmer, the peace-giver, the burden-lifter, the hope-bringer.”
“He’s the storm-calmer, the peace-giver, the burden-lifter, the hope-bringer.”

What ever pressing on our minds and hearts tonight, could God offer US the strength to put it down…again. All our wrestling, and also the worries and stress we feature, are a unit useless. we are able to trust that he’ll watch out of no matter issues US. He is aware of the most effective way; his temporal arrangement is ideal. And he’s ready. he is the storm-calmer, the peace-giver, the burden-lifter, the hope-bringer. Nothing is just too troublesome for him. He actually is our peace.

Use this prayer as an overview for your own prayer to God for the tip of every day, and let him fill you together with his peace and love.

A Prayer to finish the Day:

Dear God,

Thank you for the blessing of these days and your goodness in it, we’re grateful for the gift of life. thanks for all that you’ve allowed into our lives these past hours, the great along side the laborious things, that have reminded US what quantity we want you and consider your presence filling US each single day. thanks for your nice love and care. thanks for your mercy and charm. thanks that you simply area unit invariably with US and cannot leave US.

We elicit your Brobdingnagian peace to surround US tonight, all people United Nations agency feel restless and disquieted straight away, people who are carrying massive burdens and shouldering stress. facilitate US to put it down before you, again, despite the fact that we’re troubled to essentially abandoning. prompt US that you simply will carry it such a lot higher than we have a tendency to ever may. could your power and your rest fill US recent. could the presence of your Spirit breathe hope deep into our souls, as we have a tendency to sleep.

Thank you for your goodness, thanks that you simply apprehend the means we have a tendency to take which you’ve got a concept.

We love you Lord, we want you, and that we thanks we are able to rest in your excellent care.

In Jesus’ Name,